Terms of Service(English)

Please read and use the terms of service carefully.
If you do not agree, refuse to use the service.

About Room

In this service the room is held by the user. However, in the public room the administrator can delete it. We are doing our utmost to provide services. This service is a beta version. It may start when inconvenience occurs.

About Security

This service uses peer communication. We exchange information in public rooms. Please do not exchange confidential information here as much as possible.

Data exchange with the service is encrypted.(SSL) Although We attention to security, also need to help yours.

It is mainly service of voice call and program sharing. You will either have access permission or will be displayed on the browser.

About Copyright

The program code belongs to the user.
but, For programs stored in public rooms, secondary use can be permitted.

In case of problems with the secondary use program it is the responsibility of the person himself / herself.